Surfboard Model SHJ 45 Mini Gun


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Quick Overview

Every SHJ surfboard is different because they are handmade custom shapes to fit surfer’s preferences, skill level and unique style for optimum performance. The ideal customer is to work together to get surfer feedback regarding design and performance to make you a better surfer which makes me a better surfboard shaper.

The “45 Mini Gun:”

If you order this board you probably know what it’s for. The “45 Mini Gun” is for powerful or hollow waves. This board will give you the paddle power and stability you need in bigger surf. You can also use this board as a cruiser board in mellow surf, but this board was meant for waves of power.  This board is meant to be ordered  at least 5-7” inches longer than your normal shortboard. You won’t be disappointed.

Below are the drop down options to customize your surfboard along with some questions to help me (SHJ) with little taylor made modifications. I want to make your board work better for you and the little adjustments can make a big difference and every surfboard is a little different.

Once you place your order (add to cart) we will get to work on your custom surfboard. It takes an average of two weeks to build your board and 4-5 days to ship to you. SHJ surf boards will send you email updates as soon as your board is done and ready to be shipped. Any questions please give us a call.

Any surfboard model is customizable upon request (tails, noses, etc). Call 714-450-5656