Surfboard Model SHJ L1 Longboard


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 Every SHJ surfboard is different because they are handmade custom shapes to fit surfer’s preferences, skill level and unique style for optimum performance. The ideal customer is to work together to get surfer feedback regarding design and performance to make you a better surfer which makes me a better surfboard shaper.

The SHJ "L1"

The SHJ Surfboards Model  L1 Longboard ( 8' 10"x 22" shown) is a standard longboard/midrange fun board. This board is great cruiser and great wave catcher for beginners to expert but not too much of a log to still be able to maneuver easily. This board has a nice smooth curve through out the back half of the board and enough tail rocker to pivit the board and keep the board loose. This is a great well rounded longboard, lots of fun.  You won’t be disappointed.

Any surfboard model is customizable upon request (tails, noses, etc).

Longboards over 9' 6" can incur additional cost, please call for details 714-450-5656





SHJ L1 Longboard