Surfboard Model SHJ Mushy Marvin


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Every SHJ surfboard is different because they are handmade custom shapes to fit surfer’s preferences, skill level and unique style for optimum performance. The ideal customer is to work together to get surfer feedback regarding design and performance to make you a better surfer which makes me a better surfboard shaper.

“Mushy Marvin:”

The SHJ “Mushy Marvin” is designed to generate as much speed as possible in weaker waves while being able to turn as sharp as possible. This surfboard is meant to be ridden average “3-4” inches shorter or a little longer also than your standard short board. This is depending on if you want more performance as a smaller board or just board float with nice glide (cruisey feel) if you want to go longer with the fuller outline. With a fuller wider nose and wide tail with bumps/wings (or release point cut outs for less push-back and pivit for turning) this board glides through flat sections of the wave to give you the drive to still be able to throw the tail on the next wave section. You won’t be disappointed.

Any surfboard model is customizable upon request (tails, noses, etc).

Surfboards over 6' 6" can incur additional cost, please call for details 714-450-5656




Surfboard Shortboard "Mushy Marvin" SHJ